Our Staff

Leadership Team

Farrell Lemings

Lead Pastoroffice: 704-892-8005

Michael Carter

Director of Operationsoffice: 704-892-8005

David Berry

Pastor of Adult & Family Ministries office: 704-892-8005

Cornelius Campus

Paul Turbedsky

Congregational Care and Senior Adultsoffice: 704-892-8005

Stacey Schwiebert

Pastor of Connections/Special Events office: 704-892-8005

Johnny Rocco

Student Pastor — Cornelius Campusoffice: 704-892-8005

Scott Raney

Director of Children's Ministry & Children's Pastor 3rd–5th Gradeoffice: 704-892-8005

Heather Carter

Children's Director — Birth–2yrs Oldoffice: 704-892-8005

Jonathan Goebelt

Director of Young Adultsoffice: 704-892-8005

Janice Estes

Children’s Coordinator – Pre-Koffice: 704.892.8005

Joy Burrow

Director of Grace Women office: 704-892-8005

Danielle Christy

Children's Pastor K-2nd Grade office: 704.892.8005

Justin DeMartino

Creative Arts Director & Worship Pastoroffice: 704-892-8005

Nicole Perez

Communications Directoroffice: 704-892-8005

East Lincoln Campus

Stan Wilson

East Lincoln Campus Pastor office: 7048928005

Lisa Seger

Pastor of Operations - East Lincoln Campusoffice: 704-892-8005

Nick Falkowski

Pastor of Student Ministries/Compassionoffice: 704.892.8005

Aaron Tart

Worship Pastor office: 704-892-8005

Trish Gilbert

Children's Pastor — K–2nd Gradeoffice: 704-892-8005

Statesville Campus

Sam Dobrotka

Statesville Campus Pastor office: 704.892.8005

Kate Poling

Family Ministries Pastor & Apprenticeship Directoroffice: 704-892-8005

Julia Register

Worship Director office: 704-892-8005