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Dangerous Gospel - Sunday 9:15am (GCC)


When Sunday 9:15 AM

Where Grace Covenant - Cornelius Campus 17301 Statesville Road Cornelius, NC 28031

Dangerous Gospel
Sunday, May 6 - June 10
9:15am in room 221
Taught by Brandon Edwards

The Gospel has always been referenced as "good," and that's true, it is! Unfortunately, people have mistaken good for also being safe, and that's not true. Sadly, the church and many Christians have avoided elements of the Gospel simply for lack of knowledge or possible fear. Trying to live a good and safe Gospel eliminates us from experiencing the fullness of God. If we want all of God, then we need to get dangerous. There are levels of the Gospel where we can tread that will open up an avenue to God's magnificent glory. That path isn't easy though. As a matter of fact, it's often filled with suffering, but through perseverance and endurance we will grow deeper, stronger, and more intimate with God than ever before. We just need to get...dangerous!