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Online: Grace Women - Colossians


When Friday 11:00 AM

Taught online by Carol McCall on Fridays, January 29 - March 26 from 10:00-11:30 am.

Colossians was written to correct false teachings and remind Christians of the sufficiency of Christ. Instead of focusing on the details of the heresy, Holy Spirit flowed through Paul to remind believers of the Truth. As we study Colossians together, we will exalt Christ as God, the Creator, the preexistent sustainer of all things, the head of the church, the first to be resurrected, the fullness of deity, and the reconciler. We will be reminded that God is All-Sufficient and completely adequate. We'll study redemption, forgiveness, and instructions to the church. This will be a verse by verse study and we will spend some time each week together in worship, thanksgiving, and prayer. . Materials Needed: Bible.

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