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Monday Men's Group (GCC)


When Varies 7:15 PM

Where Grace Covenant Cornelius - Fireside Rm 17301 Statesville Road Cornelius, NC 28031

Where Does Life\'s Compass Point? Jesus, You, and the Essentials of Christianity - Imagine you\'re on a hike deep in the forest where you\'ve lost contact with the outside world. In order to find your way back to civilization, you take a simple magnetic compass. But instead of pointing to magnetic north, the compass always points to you! How helpful would that compass be to your survival? Too many people (including Christians) live as if the compass of life always points to them. They are the standard of all truth, morality, purpose, and how life should be lived. They believe that they are the center of God\'s Story. Is that really true? In this new series that continues Spring 2017, Dr. Frank Turek will unpack the essentials of Christianity to reveal what really is the True North of our lives.