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Few People Are Successful Unless A Lot of People Want Them To Be

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Success depends not merely on individual effort,  but on the efforts of people around us who help encourage and enable success. There is a misconception that great leaders are able to accomplish big things no matter what type of help they receive. The truth is, the most successful leaders have people around them who enable and encourage them to succeed. 

How We Can Accomplish More

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We all have the same amount of time in a day, how can we accomplish all the things we need to do and do that in a healthy way? Pastor Farrell gives us a solution we can apply that will provide relief to this stress often associated with leadership.

Add Value to Others

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Pastor Farrell discusses the importance of adding value to other people as a core principle in relationships, and then provides some practical ways we can live that pout in our leadership.

The Importance of Leadership

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In this first video, Pastor Farrell introduces the goal of our leadership training and provides insights on the importance of leadership. The effectiveness of a church hinges on leadership.
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