Doing life goes beyond Sundays. Your Christ-centered journey spans the entire week. Knowing what happens Monday thru Saturday is important, especially when you are juggling many activities, trying to keep up with the kids and getting all of your planning planned. That's why we created the all new Graceapp.

The Graceapp gives us the ability to connect, grow, serve, and go. We want to provide you with the information and tools to plug in to the life of Grace so that you and your family may grow in your spiritual journey. 

With the Graceapp, you can:

  • Discover current events
  • Watch and listen to messages
  • Connect with ministries
  • Find a group
  • Receive notifications for only the things that you want to be informed about. 
  • Watch Grace Online live
  • Communicate with staff
  • Register for events 
  • Save dates to your calendar
  • Get directions
  • Sign up to serve
  • Give online
  • And much more!
Just text "graceapp" to (833) 245-7295 to download!