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The Program

The Grace Covenant Apprenticeship Program?

In 2020, we launched the first session of a twelve-month vocational/discipleship-based apprenticeship program in which young adults not only gain leadership skills but learn valuable vocational skills in the church setting. To date 12 students have graduated from the program. While some have continued their education, others have moved on into their careers.

What does it mean to be an Apprentice?

An apprenticeship involves much more than making copies and grabbing coffee. Instead, the program is designed to provide the opportunity for young adults, ages 18-23, to be discipled, mentored, and equipped for future ministry opportunities while working alongside various members of the Grace Covenant staff.  Through an on-site commitment of twenty hours per week our apprentices learn and grow while working in a team environment that encourages fun, authenticity, collaboration, and personal and professional growth. Each apprentice receives a weekly stipend in exchange for their time and serving.

How is each apprentice intentionally discipled?

To begin with, each apprentice is guided throughout the program by the support of a mentor, an assigned ministry supervisor, and the GAPP Director. In addition, apprentices participate in a weekly "Download". During these “downloads” apprentices hear from various Pastors, staff members, and marketplace leaders as they offer practical ministry and professional insights that will serve the apprentice well into their future.

What does a typical week look like as an Apprentice?

This all depends on the ministry area each apprentice is assigned to. In addition to the weekly two-hour “download” session an apprentice will have responsibilities on Sunday and on assigned days during the week working in their ministry area.